1. Mjolnir1134's Avatar
    Hello everybody,

    Well, with the news of the new jailbreak coming soon, I want to prepare my iPhone 2G for reselling, as I have upgraded to a 3GS.

    I figure it sells higher when it's unlocked and jailbroken, so I want to sell it as such. However, I am unsure if this will work, as I want to restore the 3.1 jailbroken firmware to obviously get rid of all my personal data I left on the phone. (3.1 is the current FW on my iPhone 2G)

    Will this be possible? I want to avoid going further than 3.1. I ask this because it was only until recently that I found out that Apple apparently keeps users from restoring to older firmware by not "signing" it when you restore via itunes. I never saved SHSH blobs on my iPhone 2G. I don't know if this "refusal to sign" thing is limited to just the newer iPhone 3GS/4, or if it applies to every model.

    I don't want to try anything drastic yet since the new JB isn't out now, but I'd like to know what is going to or might happen.

    Thanks in advance,
    2010-07-24 02:41 AM
  2. kwine's Avatar

    This should work and once it's unlocked it will remain that way as they don't update the baseband on 3g anymore
    2010-07-24 05:43 AM