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    Whats up, I have a 16gb 3gs, not unlocked or jailbroken running 4.0. The problem i am having is that when am in my area i get full bars and the signal is great. But when i travel out of my area say a mile i lose all signal and i have to reboot the phone to get it full 3g where ever i am. My other 3gs that my girl use's its unlocked and jailbroken does the same but sometimes hers switches to the edge to get a better signal but right after goes back to 3g. I live in ny and i know 3g is pretty good over here. I tried searching but the site is full of the Iphone 4 " death grip" threads. When it comes to searching for signal problems. I figure that when ever i leave my local tower the phone does not automatically pick up a new one. Is there a way to turn this on because maybe its turned off?
    2010-07-26 10:16 PM