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    Pardon me if this is the wrong section and please move this question to the correct one if need be.
    About 2 days back I began to notice that my reception was getting bad and wasnt receiving or able to make phone calls. I was also missing many text messages from people and I as well could not send texts. I called my service provider (Rogers Toronto)and they told me that I needed to update my iphone firmware. SO I backed up in itunes, updated, after the update I restored and I lost all my text messages.. some of these were very sentimental to me. My contacts were re added but I cant seem to get the texts back for the life of me. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to get them back? Oh and by the way my reception and service is still bad for some reason...
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    I'm confused. You plugged into iTunes and hit hte /upgrade/ button.. then after that was done you hit the /restore/ button?The only way to get your texts back would be to plug into iTunes.. right click on your device and hit "restore from back-up".
    2010-07-26 11:02 PM
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    Yes I hit restore from backup, the backup Imade right before upgrading to 4.0.1

    Anyone else experience this or have any other ideas how I can get my texts back? I forgot to mention that the update was done on a Mac
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