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    hi all,

    I recently had an attack of malaware and as a result im connected to my network but can't get online... I also can't restore my iPhone.

    The reason I want to restore is this:

    I exported my windows address book (windows 7) in preparation for a full restore to fix my internet problem.

    When I imported it again to check it worked I stupidly ticked replace existing contacts. All of the same names were there with email addresses and some home numbers but NO MOBILE NUMBERS...!

    In order to put numbers back onto my pc I sync'd my phone (left replace contact information on iphone with informatin on this pc UNticked) however.. it cleared all of the contacts off of my phone. I havenow lost 15 years worth of collected mobile numbers.

    I now want to restore my phone to a backup from 1 month ago (assuming this backup contains contact data???) but i can't do so without the internet.

    I am after confirmation that a backup contains contact information so that I can restore my pc and THEN restore my iPhone using a manually backed up restore.

    I'm now worried this is too long and no one will reply but I'm desperate for some help!

    Thank god I've just found a ln old back up of address book exported correctly but I'd still be interested to know the answer to this (but it's not as urgent as my panic suggested!)
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    A good idea is to ssh into your phone and export a copy of the address book, and also sync it with your mail account, tick the merge option, and your contacts will also be sent to your mail and stored there and so it can always retrieve it if you get a new device, comp, or something happens.
    2010-07-27 10:54 PM