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  1. iSari's Avatar
    Oh I see! can I go for the 100 MB for $15 ?

    Edit: Thanks for your help and quick replies
    2012-01-26 04:55 PM
  2. rpjakus's Avatar
    2012-01-26 04:56 PM
  3. iSari's Avatar
    I hope it works and I hope its fast! whats the best way to refill without paying the tax amount?

    and how long have you been using your data on your iPhone on a prepaid?
    2012-01-26 04:59 PM
  4. rpjakus's Avatar
    I don't know
    2012-01-26 05:00 PM
  5. iSari's Avatar
    ok I refilled my account with $25 and bought the 100 MB data plan for $15

    now I'll try your method *fingers crossed*


    Hey rpjakus,

    you're truly a genius, it worked and damn it feels good.

    Many thanks man!!!!!

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    2012-01-26 06:15 PM
  6. digitalreflex's Avatar
    I hope it works and I hope its fast! whats the best way to refill without paying the tax amount?

    and how long have you been using your data on your iPhone on a prepaid?
    I have been using my 3gs in this manner for quite a few months and it is a great cheap alternative to their overpriced contracts.

    To answer the first part of your question I buy my refills online w/ a website that has a slight discounted price, not to mention they also tend to email 10% coupon codes for each holiday. I'm not sure if we are allowed to use site names so I'm leaving it off for now.
    2012-01-27 02:21 AM
  7. iSari's Avatar
    you can send me a private message with the URL. I would appreciate it!

    Do you use the data plan on your iPhone 3GS normally or do you fear that AT&T will bust you?
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    2012-01-27 08:26 AM
  8. digitalreflex's Avatar
    PM sent.

    I use data "normally" on my phone. The only thing I am wary of is how quickly I can burn through it; I don't worry about at&t "busting" me.
    2012-01-27 06:01 PM
  9. willeat4fo0d's Avatar
    You do not need a jailbroken iPhone. Type in Safari "" to take you to APN changer, touch "continue," then "Custom APN", select country and carrier, then "create profile". Then install it.
    Thank you so much, worked like a charm.
    2012-01-30 09:55 PM
  10. tayman's Avatar
    Okay, first let me just say I'm sorry. Its late and I dont really have time to read all the responses in the thread. Can we actually use the iPhone4 with prepaid ATT? As I scroll over all the posts I see alot of 'disabling APN' while not using the phone. Im going to be giving my old iPhone to a buddy of mine and I want to make sure its going to actually work on a pre paid plan and know exactly what he has to do to make it work.
    2012-03-09 06:54 AM
  11. iSari's Avatar
    This trick is not working anymore! can someone help me please?

    I refilled my AT&T account this morning with $50 because I'm starting to use my cellphone a lot these days, so I've changed my plan to the new $50 plan with unlimited everything for 30 days, and it would be great to have data too! Unfortunately the internet on my iPhone 4S is not working.

    Do I have to buy a separate data plan? even though this plan has unlimited talk, text, and internet
    but like they say, its for "eligible phones"

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    2012-05-18 04:05 PM
  12. rpjakus's Avatar
    Yes, an iPhone will receive data on a GoPhone SIM. But, and a very big but, you have to purchase a data plan in addition to your talk minutes. I used GoPhone for a while, and bought the $5 data just to test and it did work. GoPhone is great if you only use a low amount of talk minutes. (The $50 unlimited talk and data plan does not include iPhones or any other smart phone when it comes to data)

    If you are looking for a good data plan, I recommend Straight Talk - $45 for unlimited talk, text and data. You do not need an unlocked AT&T iPhone to use because it uses AT&T.
    2012-05-23 12:22 AM
  13. AC21310's Avatar
    Can I switch-out/alternate between an existing account SIM and GoPhone SIM?
    2012-05-25 12:21 AM
  14. rpjakus's Avatar
    Yes you can.
    2012-05-25 01:06 AM
  15. AC21310's Avatar
    How would I go about buying a GoPhone SIM?
    2012-05-25 01:38 AM
  16. rpjakus's Avatar
    I just used an old AT & T SIM that I had that was inactive. I got on the Go Phone website and activated it there. I know you can go to an AT & T Store and get a SIM.
    2012-05-25 02:30 AM
  17. AC21310's Avatar
    Thank you.
    Also, how will the switching out of Sims affect my saved contacts, pics and apps? Will I lose everything each time?
    2012-05-25 02:34 AM
  18. rpjakus's Avatar
    Save your contacts to your SIM card before switching Sims. It will have no effect on your other data.
    2012-05-25 02:56 AM
  19. AC21310's Avatar
    And all my text messages should stay intact as well?
    2012-05-25 03:06 AM
  20. rpjakus's Avatar
    2012-05-25 03:19 AM
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