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    Well we just got our iPhone 4 this morning and had a really disappointed start to our iPhone 4 experience. I love the phone the features the camera. There are so many positives, but the antenna issue ruins it all. Why ? Because after all you bought it to make calls right ? And if the antenna is not working properly then its pretty much useless.

    We started out today driving around and testing the new iPhone around the city/country. We had a 3GS and a 4 there to compare signal strength to. I was trying to use the phone as a GPS and it was a no go. Holding it in my hand this could not be done. The bars were going up and down slowly but what's worse i couldn't get the MAPs to update at all. After holding the phone for a bit i was getting a low Edge signal rather then 3G in the country and it was dropping off to no service all the time. I saw the 3GS next to it holding a good signal so i know it was definitely the phone and not anything else.

    So, disappointed i headed to the local Rogers to grab a bumper, and Viola my problems are gone, i can hold the phone anyway i want, didn't know we lost this privilege with the iPhone 4 update Not only that but the with the bumper the iPhone 4 slides right into my GPS Windshield mount. Bonus But I dont think this should be mandatory, and we should have a real fix. I like the phone the way it looks without the case, its sleek and sexy.

    After getting frustrated all day, i wanted to figure out a way to track the signal in real time. Why because i know Apple plays with the algorithm which dictates the bars, and from my testing i could see that they update but the timeout for the false positive is really high. Meaning the bars take longer to update, because they want to make sure its not a glitch. Well thats BS, i think its just Apples way of covering the Antenna problem. I dropped 20 calls today but i still had bars !! WTH !!

    Now, I'm no engineer, so i downloaded an app that shows download kbps in real time testing from the same server. I wanted to see exactly when the reception dropped, and viola i found it in just 1 or 2 minutes. It turns out if you put your pinky in the corner of the left or right side of the iPhone 4, all reception is lost.

    How are ALL the people not reporting this ? Is it because they dont know their signal is lost because the bars are still up??

    Check out the video of our findings.

    iPhone 4 Antenna - Real Time

    Just wanted to share my real time video with the readers here.
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    2010-07-31 02:46 PM
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    you are like a month late.....
    2010-08-01 05:23 PM