1. w_childress1989's Avatar
    When I first hooked up my iphone 4 to itunes, I transfered everything from when I backed up my jailbroken 3g. When it got done, the att carrier changed to what was on my old phone.
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    2010-07-31 10:55 PM
  2. stash459's Avatar
    That's because you had make it mine app and change it to whatever name you set if you restore from backup whatever you had on your idevice it will stay there but you could backup restore as new phone then everything will be new/fresh... My iPhone 4 the same too it still has the carrier (icarlos) lol....
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    2010-07-31 11:09 PM
  3. cmay227's Avatar
    yea, mine said hacked next to the carrier.
    2010-07-31 11:17 PM