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    Ok so I was wondering how to do this. I just installed 7 and backed up all my music from my ipod to an external. And what I want to know is how I can sync my ipod with the backed up music? I used a program that took the music off the ipod perfectly because I have alot of music and did not want to pick and choose individual songs to add to my itunes. And the problem is this, I have already added everything back to my new itunes and if I hit sync, will I lose everything on my phone? I also want to keep my playlists and not lose those, so does anyone know how I can do this?
    2010-08-02 01:50 AM
  2. makaveli1212's Avatar
    I also backed up my iphone to the new itunes so I am safe to sync??
    2010-08-03 08:28 AM