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    I know the iPhone 3G (and the 3GS?) have been having some wifi issues for a while. I've been dealing with it for close to a year, now I'm hoping to just get it fixed.

    Here's my issue: I cannot see any WiFi networks. Once in a while one will pop up, when my WiFi is actually on, but it will not stay there for long and I cannot connect to it. I've done a number of restores, including DFU, and I've gone through a few updates all to no avail.

    Basically I'm wondering what my options are, short of replacing the whole phone.
    Is there any software fix (even if it's command line or something very in depth)? I've done a lot of searching, but I've come up blank so I'm guessing only dev-team members or Geohot would know about this.
    If it's a hardware issue, should I just replace the antenna (what part do I have to order and replace?) or would I have to replace the whole board?

    Here's my current specs:
    iPhone 3G
    iOS 4.0 jailbroken/unlocked with Pwnagetool
    T-Mobile USA

    I've also been having a GPS reception issue recently and I'm wondering if it's related, maybe to the antenna?
    2010-08-02 04:19 AM