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    Ok here's the deal. I had an iPhone 3G that I jailbroke about 1 year ago approximately. The main reason why I did it was to get the battery percentage on my 3G and to record videos.

    So that was all great and then for whatever reason I decided to restore it to remove the jailbreak. It was all fine but noticed that the battery percentage still stayed there even after removing the jailbreak. I was fine with that.

    So fast forward to now. I have my iPhone 4 that I restored from a previous backup when I got it to get all my contacts and stuff back. I tried toggling the battery percentage thing in Usage section of iPhone 4 since I have that capability stock now and it does nothing. It's just always on no matter what lol.

    So anyone have a solution?? I wouldn't be opposed to Restoring as New Phone if there was a solid way to re sync my contacts, which I think would be the only way. I just don't have a solid way to re sync my contacts. I have them backed up in iTunes and also synced them to Windows Contacts. So I tested to see if Windows Contacts would re sync a contact to my phone if I deleted it from my phone. It didn't. It just deleted it from my Contacts folder lol. What's the point of saving them to Contacts if it just erases ones removed from your phone?

    Any suggestions? I'm currently on 4.0.1 and JailBroken.
    2010-08-02 10:29 PM
  2. Piazza331's Avatar
    Restore and set up as new. Afterwards when you tell it to sync contacts from Windows, they will all come back.
    2010-08-03 02:33 AM
  3. HeavyD4's Avatar
    U shouldn't have restored it. You should have done as new phone u still can get ur contacts without restoring
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    2010-08-03 02:41 AM
  4. slowman's Avatar
    Well I figured it out. I took a gamble and set up as new phone and thankfully my contacts did come back from Windows Contacts.

    And thanks for the replies. We are going good now. I have control over the battery percent! Not that it's a big deal I just wanted that freedom just because!
    2010-08-03 05:56 AM
  5. HeavyD4's Avatar
    No problem hope I helped a lil,I'm sure I'll be askin plenty about the IPhone 4,cuz it's very uncompatatible,gotta wait 4 updates
    2010-08-03 06:05 AM
  6. Piazza331's Avatar
    Glad my answer worked. I was nervous when I had to try the same a few months back.
    2010-08-03 06:38 AM
  7. HeavyD4's Avatar
    I hear that I'm scared to make phone calls, just jokin! Seriously I'm scared to download something n it bricks my 3G did alot n I was comp. Iliterate so I always brought it to apple but it was cuz I had an 8gig so i was overloading it
    2010-08-03 07:06 AM