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    Anyone know the best settings for email fetch and anything else I may want to setup/disable to minimize data usage on an iPhone 3G?

    Anything I can download to further enhance/tweak those settings to my liking? I wish there were a setting much longer than 1 hour other than manual. It is jailbroken on 4.0.1

    Also, is there something that tracks 3G data usage separately from wifi? May be there already, never looked...

    I bought a gophone card to activate my iphone (had no sim, was used as ipod) after upgrading to 4.0.1. I decided to set it up as a backup phone, more for use as a PC always left in girlfriends car when needed so she can check email, maps occasionally.

    I read elsewhere on the net that that 100mb goes further than you might think if you aren't a complete web junkie on it. I figured I'd play with it and find out.

    On a side note, I thought you weren't supposed to be able to use an iPhone with the prepaid side any more, normal plans only...?


    .....So, while the phone/messaging end is working good, I may have just wasted $20 on the data. If what I'm reading below is true...

    As it is now, my phone shows "3G" signal available, but I get a pop-up that my phone has no data plan when I go to use it.

    from: Carrier Bundle - The iPhone Wiki

    iPhone 3.1 Changes

    As of iPhone OS 3.1b1, APN settings are now being signed to prevent tampering/modification by users. This has been implemented to stop users bypassing the carrier's designated APN for tethering that may require payment for access. This is also a concern for users of carriers that do not officially offer MMS or Tethering services for users at all. This signature-check can be circumvented by patching commcenter.

    Only the APN settings are being signed; other settings can still be modified without needing to patch commcenter.
    iPhone 4.0 Changes

    All carrier bundle settings are now signed, not just the APN settings. To circumvent this, commcenter must now be patched. Also, the bit-mask for APN settings has changed significantly.
    Any idea where to go from here? I was jailbroken on 3.0.1 on this device up until a few months ago. Any way to go back to that and would that change the APN settings back to something that can be modified as the devteam once did?

    Mine is an iPhone 3G 8GB. These are supposed to be easier to downgrade then say my iPod 3G or an iPhone 3GS, correct?
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    It's working on mine, u just have to change ur apn settings and ur good to go go here http://www.unlockit.co.nz/#_Custom and select AT&T as your apn and then restart the phone, the data should be working now. I have tmobile so I bought a gophone and used the sim in my iPhone 4 just for the data, it came with $15 so I only paid $5 for 100mb. I use wifi when available, so I still have 60 mb left after a week of use. Anyway the unlock should be out today so I guess it's just a waste now
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