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    So i have a 3gs was running on 3.1.3 Spirit Jailbreak unlocked on t-mobile. Never had any probs. I stayed away from 4.0 until now knowing jailbreakme was out and unlock would still work. So I upgrade to 4.0.1 run the jail break and the unlock. Set up mms everything is(was) working perfect including mms no issues for me.

    Then I notice my phone screen turn on then off take it that was it crashing (no clue why). So I go to mess with it to see whats up and all my settings just somehow changed from showing battery percentage, to ringtone, and to background image and more. Like it did a complete reset of my settings. Then I also notice the battery is low like 25% and just and hour and half/2 hours before that it was at like 75% (yes 3g is turned off cause i'm on t-mobile). So I charge my phone back up to about 70% fix all the settings back to the way I had them). I go to bed and wake up 5 hours later phone was completely dead!!!! Plug it in to charger and again all my settings are reversed again!

    Any help why it's crashing, why battery performance is so terrible, possible fixes? p.s. I am not running any custom winterboard themes (other then a few sound tones nothing big) no crazy programs running in the background, so basically nothing that I can think of that would drain the battery like it is doing. None of this were issues on 3.1.3... any suggestions? Anyone else dealing with similiar probs? I love the folders organizing my iphone and really want this operating system to work. HELP! Thanks!


    someone has to have some input...


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