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    I have been around a while now and ofter see people posting about battery problems with there phones until now I have never had any issues with battery life and have owned several iphones..I have an iphone 4 and jailbroke it and installed sbsettings, winterboard,openssh,bitesms,tonefxs and remove recents I think thats all but battery life is very bad so restored set up again as new phone jailbroke installed above from cydia and again battery life is very poor..I left it on over night from 100% this morning it was down to 71% with nothing running along side it was my 3gs fully loaded with all sorts and that was still 100% in the morning..
    2010-08-04 05:18 PM
  2. Beloved's Avatar
    Same here.
    2010-08-05 05:34 AM
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    Yep! Something is running in the back ground. Since not all the apps are i4 or iOS4 ready it's going to be hard to pin point were the problem is. I hope there is a fix.
    2010-08-05 05:55 AM
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    So u didn't have the problem before u jailbroke? Then it's probably one of ur apps that didn't get removed all the way even after restore
    2010-08-05 06:07 AM
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    Same problem. Mine is running warm too; especially on the charger. When it is charging, it's hot to the touch.
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    2010-08-05 06:18 AM
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    2010-08-05 06:25 AM