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    Hi everyone,
    I have kept multiple backups for my iPhone so I can restore to a specific time-frame if needed.
    When I'd got my iPhone 4 on July 30, I set it up by restoring it to the latest backup file from my 3g (v4.0.1) & the file size is around 240mb with 5,600 items. But the battery seemed not holding well so I googled a little bit and decided to set up my iPhone 4 as new.
    After setting up as new, I reinstall almost all the previous stuff back to the phone except for those 200 books for Stanza. Same amount of music & video though. I backed it up again and have found that the size of the backup file reduced to 48mb & 494 items ONLY. Is it normal to have that a small size for the backup?

    2010-08-04 07:21 PM