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    In the default SMS app, all the messages I sent before today have little check marks next to them:
    And any new messages I send are either faded out right away: or get three yellow dots next to them: and turn into the faded bubbles once I exit and re-enter the app.

    I'm using a jailbroken iPhone 4 on iOS 4.0.1. I do have biteSMS installed, but I installed it two or three days ago and the phone just started doing this today! Does anyone know what it means? As far as I can tell my text messages are going through fine and behaving normally except for this.

    To clarify, these are showing up in the Apple SMS app, not biteSMS. biteSMS, curiously enough, shows the three dots on every new message I've sent today, but no faded bubbles or check marks.

    [edit 2]
    After a little more digging, it turns out the "Delivery Reports" setting got turned on somehow in biteSMS, without my knowledge, and that's where these come from. I hope this can help anyone else who might be confused about these icons, since I definitely didn't enable this setting manually, so apparently under some conditions it turns itself on.
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