1. Aerius's Avatar
    I did the jailbreakme to my iphone 4 a couple hours after It was released. I installed a few different apps, themes and had zero issues. Today i saw a new theme was released that looked promising, installed it and my phone immediately crashed and went into safe mode. I opened cydia, deleted the new theme and that didn't help. I then deleted winterboard and that didn't help either. I tried a few other restarts, tried installing the software again, deleting it, blah blah nothing worked.

    As a last resort I opened iTunes and tried to restore. It extracted the software, said it was verifying, and then said Itunes cannot connect to the update server or it is unavailable. 10 hours later I still have the same problem. So now, i am not only in safe mode but i can't even restore to factory settings.

    I put the phone in recovery mode, connected to iTunes and still can't restore. I restarted the phone, and its no longer in recovery but it is still in safe mode. Can somebody please lend me some tips on what to do?
    2010-08-06 08:21 AM