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    Ok, I really hate to post this problem AGAIN ... but I've searched (and read) probably close to 100 threads on SIMILAR problems, but I haven't found one exactly like mine ... and more importantly, none of the solutions in the others is working for me ... at all.

    This is the closest one to the problem I have, but I can't get my phone to power off, or go into DFU mode. No SWOD, just the apple.


    So I have a 3gs on 3.01, that is jailbroken, with pretty much just winterboard and a bunch of theme stuff on it (as far as apps go). I got a new 4g, and was going to give my 3gs to my sister ... so I did a reset all content and settings from the phone, so it wouldn't have all my stuff on it ... and that seems to have been a HUGE mistake

    It is stuck on the apple / loading screen. I can reset it, and it comes back to that. But it will not power off, not go into DFU mode, with the connect to iTunes screen, and no matter what I try, iTunes will not recognize it so that I can do a restore.

    Oh, and I use windows (XP) if that matters.

    If anyone could help me with this, I (and my sister) will be eternally grateful.

    Thanks in advance,

    2010-08-06 08:46 PM
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    try turn it off, and plug it into ur computer with itunes open... hold the home buttom until it reconizes ur iphone is in recovery mode and jus update the phone...
    2010-08-06 09:24 PM
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    Are you sure you are doing the DFU method, or are you talking about restore mode? DFU Mode is built into the firmware, so if you cannot get into it, you are definitely screwed. iTunes is not detecting it because obviously it isn't already on. Look up DFU mode, it is not the screen with the connect to iTunes logo. DFU is different, and I can almost guarantee you can get into it. iClarified - iPhone - How to Put an iPhone Into DFU Mode Follow that guide and you will be fixed in no time.
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    2010-08-06 09:35 PM
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    It is restoring now, and I'll post an update when it's finished. Thanks very much for explaining the difference to me, I somehow missed that in all the other posts I read ... but your explanation, and the video made it very clear.

    Thanks again !!!

    Now THAT'S why I love this place !!! Someone will always help if they can ... and that's what "community" is all about.

    2010-08-07 03:04 AM