1. myphon's Avatar
    Well i wasnt sure where to post it so move it if u want but i need help i was on my iphone playing a game and my iphones screen just froze so i locked it with the lock button. then i put it back on and my screen lock was registering my hand touches very slowly. when i finnaly got my password in the home menu came up. i tried turning to my second page but it wouldnt do anything. now i cant turn the page. i can turn on apps but they lag also. if i try turning the page really slowly i see half of the next page but it goes back to the regular menu screen what can i do to fix this? if i go on an app i can use my iphone regularly and it scrolls very easily
    2010-08-07 02:03 AM
  2. Malakov08's Avatar
    What firmware are you on and what jailbreak did you use?
    2010-08-07 05:19 AM