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  1. Doomed.raver's Avatar

    I recentley jailbroken my 3.1.3 iPhone with Spirit all was great cydia i installed a theme from cydia worked fine.

    I seen a away to ssh your mobile and computer for file swaping without using iTunes. when i tryed accessing the cydia app to download and install OpenSSH i couldnt dew to cydia crashing when trying to load data..

    I have been looking around on the internet for days and from what i can see you need to access the iPhone root folder but i can't do this without the SSH capability!! Then i seen some gudie on how to do it via USB with iPhone Explorer but that does not work dew to some addc2 file missing so them type of program THINK my iPhone is non-jailbroken when it is

    I was looking for away to fix his error cydia or do i have to resort my iPhone!!

    If so how do i go about resorting it

    Thank you for helping
    2010-08-11 08:23 AM
  2. jkmonkey's Avatar
    Try just rebooting the phone. Hold the home and power buttons until it turns off. Then turn the phone back on and try cydia again.
    2010-08-11 03:02 PM