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    I downloaded vWallpaper last night because i love the idea of having a video as a ringtone, but im having a it of trouble. I used Avidemux 2.5 to convert the videos for my 3g & 3gS for MiVtones but the iphone 4's settings along with vWallpaper are different, no matter what program i attempt to use, the end result is a vRingtone that appears in the top of the screen, or somewhere off center, and i have looking all over for programs that allow a scree resolution to 960x640 but all have failed me. So far i have used, Handbrake, Avidmux, and Win X Iphone converter. i anyone ca help i would appreciate it. [IMG]file:///C:/Users/Kid/Desktop/IMG_1123.PNG[/IMG]
    2010-08-15 03:34 AM