1. Dave_Xiavia's Avatar
    Yeah I'm having issues w/ my iPhone. Before the service at my house was great til I updated to 4.0. Now that its jailbroken the service straight up sucks. Could it be because of the update? Or is it AT&T related? Fewest drop calls my @$$.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.
    2010-08-17 07:03 PM
  2. infamouspally's Avatar
    i have ios4 on my 3gs to before i upgraded to that i always had full bars pretty sure it fixed how bars are shown
    2010-08-17 09:31 PM
  3. Dave_Xiavia's Avatar
    I don't think any problem was fixed. LOL my girl has the Spirit JB on her phone(3.1.3 doesn't want to upgrade) and she has full bars all over the house.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what to do?
    2010-09-15 05:30 PM
  4. sirlance0505's Avatar
    Mine changed also. I think now we are getting a true reading on our signal. I think that was how ATT was able to say "more bars in more places" it was built in to the phone to show you full bars even though you didn't. Now that apple was caught with their pants down with antennagate I dont think we will see those ATT ads anymore.
    2010-09-15 06:26 PM
  5. BitchI'llKillYa's Avatar
    If it was just "bars" that would be one thing

    But my phone flat out does not work 75% of the time

    In places where I had great Internet connection now I have none I simply can't connect. I can't complete calls I can't even send texts without restarting my phone over and over
    2010-09-15 06:31 PM
  6. sirlance0505's Avatar
    I have been noticing the same thing only not as bad as yours. This past weekend I went riding with some buddies and we had to ride to a hill to get cell service. My friend iPhone4 would get signal within 10 seconds after turning it on where my 3Gs would take 2-3 minutes to find a signal. Kinda weird???
    2010-09-15 06:56 PM