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    Iphone is disabled, connect to itunes is the message I get.

    8GB,3.1.3 not jailbroke.

    Her goes... My buddy gave me this phone with a shattered front glass and all it would do is give me a white screen. All the functions of the touch screen would work without the normal home screen and Itunes would recognize it at 3.1.2. This was back when 3,1.3 just came out. I read that a restore could fix this problem (back in April I believe)so I did a restore and it did not fix the screen problem. Now I was given a second phone for parts and have it working to the point mentioned above (Iphone is disabled). Itunes will not recognize it anymore and did try to put it in DFU mode, is there any hope? Please let me know, I have read a lot of threads on this but so far nothing has worked. Please post a link or let me know what you guys think.

    Would love to unlock and jailbreak it, thanks in advance.

    Forgot to mention that i am using XP, the same lapptop used to restore to 3.1.3.

    Edit #3 Can someone pm me with a site that might be able to help me with this issue. Read every post on this here and still nothing, I must be the only one that could not connect to itunes after a restore.
    Thanks, have enjoyed the knowledge so far.

    Edit #4 Anyone...Anyone!
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    Not given up yet!
    2010-08-21 08:34 PM
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    Wow, 222 views still no reponse...Thank god I have four other phones to play with. Not going to give up on this one yet!
    2010-08-22 09:33 PM
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    I posted this a long time ago without getting any help, have some free time now and wondering if there is any thing new that I could try...and yes it is my phone but not a customer of AT&T.
    Thanks guys!
    2011-01-17 11:57 PM