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    Can someone please tell me if they have heard of actual antenna problems in the 3G Iphone. I recently opened my phone up to check something, cant remember why but since then my reception has tanked. I have replaced sim card,installed the new sim card in a different Iphone and am getting excellent reception in the newer 3G phone that I just assembled out of bits and pieces. I have replaced firmware several times and still getting poor reception on Edge and 3G networks. I believe it to be a hardware problem. I have ordered a new complete dock connector. This unit was next to perfect before it screwed up or I screwed it up.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks for looking
    2010-08-19 08:34 AM
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    I hope this helps just one person. I bought a broken Iphone off of EB. The right lower corner was displaced and the brass retainer set into the back housing retaining the screw Do Not Remove, had lifted somewhat. After the necessary repairs, not including the back housing I reassembled and everything worked fine for 6 months and then my reception problem. The motherboard at the right lower corner had risen or curled and LOST CONTACT with dock connector spring loaded antenna button thus no, or VERY poor reception. I set up a jig to reform the board, over a period of 2 days, or reshape flat again, reset the brass insert, and I have a decnt Iphone again.

    Many thanks to all who have helped ME in the past. This is a great forum
    2010-08-20 07:05 PM