1. dashercsm's Avatar
    This thing finally got frustrating. I jb my iphone 4 (4.0, 01.59.00) from jailbreakme.com when it first release. Phone worked great and all, just recently I have noticed that I dont get MMS txt from ppl.

    They will just randomly all hit at once out of no where. Sometimes I dont know about these picture txt until ppl ask me about them.

    I have to restart the phone every time or run cydia and get app updates if there are any. This gets my MMS txt back all the time. I tried resetting all network settings and still happens randomly.

    Any fix to this?
    2010-08-19 12:31 PM
  2. rest_easy's Avatar
    You can try deleting your SMS convos for now.

    SSH to User/Library and copy the SMS folder to your computer (as a backup in case it doesn't work and you want to restore your convos)
    Then delete all the file within the SMS folder on your phone. reboot. test.
    you can email yourself an mms or have a friend send something.

    if that didn't help then you can just copy your convos back (although you really won't miss them)

    Other than that.... not sure. It's not asking for a carrier update right? (itunes that is). If so update the carrier file (not firmware).
    Guessing you're not unlocked. If so then disregard the above I hear there's issues with that.
    2010-08-19 05:37 PM
  3. dashercsm's Avatar
    Yes, I did do the unlock, but have yet to try it out. itunes is not asking for a carrier update either.

    Still having this problem. Help please.
    2010-08-25 09:52 PM