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    I am happy to find this active forum. Here is my problem below, can someone please please help me URGENTLY:

    I have an iPhone 3GS and it has the software version of 3.1.2. I bought this 6+ months ago and then I used Blackra1n to jailbreak it and also unlock it. Everything went well and it did not give me a problem for a while until now.

    Now, all of a sudden the iPhone froze once while I was simply using it and when I held the home button and the top-right button, I restarted it (hoping it will take me back to the passcode entrance screen), but the iPhone gets stuck at the Apple logo and restarts over and over again (looping!). I cannot get passed the Apple logo. The Apple logo just stays there and then the loading circle appears and then after some minutes, it restarts again and does the same thing. It's very frustrating!

    Now I can go into Recovery Mode and restore it and update it to iOS 4 (which I planned to in the future), but I NEVER BACKED-UP my data!!!

    ***I really need to backup my data before I can do a Restore.***

    Can someone please help???????????

    Please reply ASAP. I am very frustrated as I cannot use it and the data in it is very important.

    Also see the following links. Should I do the procedures they are talking about to stop the restarting over and over again?

    Link # 1:

    Link # 2:

    Link # 3:

    I just want my phone to go back to the main screen after i input my passcode so that I can backup all my stuff and restore my iPhone to iOS4 and remove the jailbreak!

    Please Please help. Please reply and give me some sort of Advice.

    THANK YOU!!!!
    2010-08-19 11:16 PM