1. olddirty625's Avatar
    Not only did the devs from iblacklist not want to give me a new key to transfer my purchase from my 3GS to my i4 after only a week now that I'm using the trial before I spend another 12 dollars everytime k get an iblacklist private message it resets any hidden icons I have thru poof and
    I have
    To keep doing resprings .... Is there another app like iblacklist that doesn't cause that type of error?
    2010-08-21 04:23 AM
  2. javiert30's Avatar
    If you want iBlacklist to be transfered to another device, you got to buy another key, these keys works with the serial number of each iPhone, I bought 3 keys already since 2007. I never had problems with it and it works perfect on all my past and present iPhones 2G, 3G and now i4
    2010-08-21 08:23 AM