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    I have been modding for many years, and this is my 5th jailbreak. I am running an 8Gig 2G MC model iPod touch, my first jailbreak on iOS 4. Every other time on iOS 3, my cracked apps synced well with iTunes, allowing me to add music and videos. Now when I add a cracked app from install-ous (it starred it out the word?), iTunes detects unsynced purchases on my iPod. It says, "Syncing iPod... Installing *insert app name*" Then it immediately stops the sync without installing anything new. I don't want cracked apps in my library, but it does it anyways. I have tried not syncing the apps, but that does nothing. I eventually had to restore off of an iOS 4 file I downloaded. I can install unsigned apps off iTunes on to my iPod will no problem. Any idea what causes this?

    Appsync sucks.
    2010-08-24 10:15 AM
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    No cracked app or warez talk is allowed on here.

    My suggestion is DELETE the cracked apps and PAY for them you Cheap skate
    Being an i can be a lot of pressure. you have to live right up to the small point.
    2010-08-24 10:33 AM
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    Okay, I was not informed of that. I saw a post containing them, so I figured. Thank you for telling me.
    2010-08-24 10:59 AM
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    2010-08-24 03:46 PM