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    All of us every time that jailbreaking our iphones will facing low performance and slugish working of our devices that was very smooth and candy before jailbreak .
    jailbreaking will cause changing of premission of some vital files and folders that this will cause lag and low performance and slowing down our iphones and it also changes some system files originality .
    ok now what to do ?!!!
    its simple
    after restoring your idevice to a factory firmware not customized firmwares . connect it and sync it with itunes and let itunes to take a backup from your idevice and disconnect it .
    then jailbreak your idevice and update your cydia essentials .
    after that connect it again but dont allow itunes to take a backup of it and cancel syncing .
    then do a restore from previouse backup and VOILA

    You now have a jailbroken idevice with stock speed and smooth run like before jailbreaking
    and it will work like charm
    this method will repair changed files and folders premissions and restore system files to their factory state
    have fun
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