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  1. elbestion's Avatar
    I am facing a very rare issue regarding unlocking iphones. I work at a company that unlocks about 50 to 80 iphones 3g and 3gs a week. We have two Verizon high speed lines, one of them is our regular one but the other one is for backup purposes only. For some odd and very rare reason our iphone 3g, 3gs would no longer connect to our wifi, now the weird part is that every other device such as an Iphone 4 or a laptop they all connect to the wireless network successfully except the Iphones 3g, 3gs. ! Whenever we would try to connect our iphones to the wireless network we would connect but we would not have internet access, therefore we would not be able to unlock the phones because we can no longer use cydia to install ultrasn0w. In order to fix this weird problem we tried using the second Verizon line, using a wireless router we created another wireless network and now all iphones connected successfully to the wireless network, this lasted for about a month or so. BUT NOW!!! The second wireless network stopped working, and now all of the iphones, 3g, and 3gs would no longer have internet access. . All other devices such as a laptop, iphone 4 would connect successfully. Has anyone else faced this problem ? Is there any logical explanation for this madness ? Itís weird because the wifi would not work on iphone 3g and 3gs. , we could all connect to it but the internet access would not work. HOwever, if you used it with a laptop or an iphone 4 it would connect and the internet access would work fine on those devices. However, all iphone 3gs and 3g would not have internet access. Is there any reason why this is occurring ? HELP PLEASE, this is driving us CRAZY!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! Could it be because of the wireless router ? But what are the oods of two routers going bad ? Could it be that we got blocked or something ?
    2010-08-25 05:43 AM
  2. rest_easy's Avatar
    the unlock is free right? cause that's what I've heard.

    Is it using wireless n only? Cause iphone 4 and laptop can use wireless n. A 3g and 3gs can not.
    2010-08-25 04:37 PM
  3. thadragon's Avatar
    just reinstall your ios and youll be good. that happened to me too
    2010-08-26 12:39 AM
  4. elbestion's Avatar
    First of all, I do not think that restoring the iphones will fix the problem because like I said, we do like at least 50 iphones a week and we can't expect all of these iphones to have software problems. As for the wireless "N", I don't know if it works on 3g and 3gs. However, like I said it is only a group of iphones that get no internet access, they can however connect to any other wireless network except to ours. But the weird part is that our personal iphones, blackberies, and laptops all connect successfully to the wireless network. It is only a group of iphones that get that. And when I say that the iphones can't connect, I mean they connect but get no internet access. This is so weird...just today since we had to unlock about 20 iphones, the wireless worked for about half of them and the rest we had those problems again, so what we did is we created an adhoc network which involves sharing the ethernet connection via wirelss, it was through there that we were able to connect to our wifi. WEIRD UH?
    2010-08-26 03:41 AM