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    Hello everyone,

    I've got a problem with my iphone 4, it loses randomly data access, and it's on 3G or wifi, no difference, I must reboot to be able to go on the net or download updates, whatever. i would like to know if others have the same problem. When the problem appear, the wifi icon on top doesn't show anymore, although on settings it shows me that I'm connected. And even if I got full bars on 3G, no access. But I'm able to make calls.

    It's an 4.01 firmware, jailbroken on the very first day jailbreakme.com was online.

    I've got other little problems, like icons i've hidden showing again after a new app is installed (forcing me to respring each time to make them disappear again), the impossibility to apply a personnal wallpaper on winterboard if I activate a theme, but those are minor pain in the ***.

    Hope you'll understand what I say, english is not really my thing.

    I saw thread concerning icon problem (not resolved), concering wallpaper problem (partially solved), but nobody has this problem or know how to solve it ?
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