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    ok so ive just ordered my i4 16gb from vodafone (left o2, becasue they suck and vodafone has like 3x as much 3g coverage), when i ordered it, the 32s were 'in stock', the 16s were 'limited stock' and 3GSs were out of stock. i was gunna go for the 32 but i never use that space as i like to keep everything tidy, so being as the 16gb one said 5-10 days (which is more or less what i would have expected) i chose that.
    afterwards i googled this back order list and turns out theres quite a few people waiting around for a iphone from vodafone.
    so im just wondering whats everyones thoughts on how long ill b waiting for this beutiful thing to b in my hand? and are any of you on this list??

    and of course the big question, will it come on 4.0.2? i hoping it will have been packaged before it got released so itll be on 4.0.1, but i doubt it

    UPDATE!!!! i got an email saying its gna b here tmz sometime from 6am to 8pm
    i only ordered yesterday not bad at all
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