1. Sailor-girl's Avatar
    I'm running a 3gs on 3.1.3 (will be 4.01 from tommorow) and use mewseek to download music. But there is a limit of ten tracks that u can transfer to the iPod app unless u register for $10. I'm in uk so guess thats around 6. Is there anything better or a way of getting round the registering? I do pay for apps I use lots but I don't use this enough to justify the price tag. Thanks.
    2010-09-07 02:53 AM
  2. desepticon's Avatar
    uninstall then reinstall
    My brother was eaten by wolves on the NJ Turnpike.
    2010-09-07 02:59 AM
  3. Sailor-girl's Avatar
    uninstall then reinstall
    Am I missing something? What will this achieve?
    2010-09-07 03:23 AM
  4. Amadomon's Avatar
    Just manually move your downloaded songs by SSHing into your phone.
    Quaerite et invenietis.
    2010-09-07 01:17 PM
  5. Sailor-girl's Avatar
    I want a simple way, can't be arsed with sshing all the time.
    2010-09-07 02:09 PM
  6. z3r01's Avatar
    I'm sorry everyone...but since this involves talking about Mewseek, and mewseek downloads music illegally , I'm gonna have to shut this thread down....sorry rules state that piracy isn't allowed nor supported. But to answer your question (which doesn't help your situation) no there is no way around mewseek as it works similar to beejive where it know if u registered or not...
    2010-09-07 02:14 PM