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    Hi Chaps,
    Last week I posed a problem and a few members assisted me with this, Thanks again chaps.
    IF you look at my last post you will see what problem I had.

    In essence, I had to re-install windows.

    I contacted Apple and posed them the problem and a nice guy said "Unfortunatly ALL your music/playlists are lost and when you sync your phone to iTunes ALL you music will be deleted from your phone" ( OH Noooooooo)

    HOWEVER, he said " I shouldn't tell you this but If you search 'iTunes' backwards on the net you may find something that will help you, I did and lo and behold I came up with


    So there you have it this programme will allow you to sync up to 1000 tunes and thereafter I suppose you've gotta pay for it.

    HOWEVER (pt 2).

    I haven't tried it as yet as my music/playlists are precious to me and IF I lost certain playlists that my G/F and I canoodle too she would be most 'Miffed' or is that 'Muffed'
    Therefore, does anyone have any advice for me as regards this piece of software?(Not my G/F)
    Thanks chaps
    2010-09-09 02:51 PM