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    I was going to update my old 3GS which is currently on 3.1.2, to 4.0.1 and jailbreak it. I downloaded the firmware here on the site, but when I open iTunes and browse to the 4.0.1 firmware, I get the following message:

    I have a sneaky suspicion that I shouldn't select 'Update'. Is it safe to do so? If not, how do I circumvent that so I can get to 4.0.1?
    2010-09-10 08:22 AM
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    No, it is not safe. Your iPhone 3GS can only get from 3.1.2 to 4.0.1 jailbroken, two different ways.

    One) is by restoring (not updating) firmware 4.0.1 and using Comex's jailbreakme method for jailbreaking. If you did not save your SHSH blob for 4.0.1 in Cydia using TinyUmbrella, then this method is closed. Apple stopped signing firmware 4.0.1, weeks ago.

    Two) is by creating a custom firmware for 4.0.1 using either PwnageTool on a Mac or Snowbreeze on a PC. Again, unless you saved your SHSH blob for 4.0.1 in Cydia using TinyUmbrella, then this method is also closed.

    I would recommend that you stay at firmware 3.1.2, unless you want to lose your jailbreak. My guess, is that we will see either new or updated jailbreaking tools for firmware 4.1 in about a months time. I have read that iPhone Dev-Team member pod2g has a tethered jailbreak exploit right now. It will take time to work it into an untethered jailbreak that everyone can use.
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    2010-09-10 09:55 AM
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    Thanks for that.

    I've never updated it to 4.0.1 since I bought an iPhone4 right out of the gates. Thus, I have no SHSHs on file for that particular firmware. I'm just getting around to selling my 3GS and figured it might bring a few dollars more if I updated it first. Oh well, thanks again.
    2010-09-10 08:01 PM
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    ^^It is possible you have SHSH blobs saved. Since it has been jailbroken, possibly you selected 'Make My Life Easier' way back then. If so, then Cydia continues to automatically save future SHSH blobs """without the need to jb to that version""".

    It is very easy to check. Open Cydia ... at the top of the main window it will state what SHSH blobs are saved.

    ,... or ....

    Download and run TinyUmbrella, use advanced options and request SHSH blobs for an older versions. If available (via Cydia) they will be stored on your computer.
    2010-09-10 09:02 PM
  5. Trooper Sam's Avatar
    Do check with TinyUmbrella. You could be another 3GS user with blobs out of nowhere! Given the odds, it's really worth a look.
    2010-09-10 10:18 PM