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  1. Texas Tech's Avatar
    i jailbroke my phone just too use on tmobile im not really into all that extra stuff like yourtube

    why would i need to save a youtube video smh

    i just watch all the threads that people make about ive deleted this or that
    now my phone wont start

    what about yall
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    2010-09-13 09:56 AM
  2. cypherpunk's Avatar
    Why download youtube videos? To get them in higher quality mainly, since the native Youtube app is crippled as hell, especially over 3G.

    But yeah, unlocking was the first reason I jailbroke.
    2010-09-13 11:40 AM
  3. ShredNasty's Avatar
    I misread your post! Edited. My bad.

    There are tons of reasons to jailbreak. Many jailbreak solely for piracy. I don't.

    SBsettings. Quick toggle to virtually every setting on your phone, as well as the ability to hide unused apps and manage systems.

    My3G. I can use FaceTime over 3G instead if wifi only.

    BiteSMS. The ability to view and reply to texts from any app without having to close it. TONS of SMS features!

    NoSpot. Deletes the annoying search function on the iPhone.

    SpringFlash. Utilizes the led flash on my i4 as a flashlight from any app o my phone. Sounds dumb, used it a trillion times.

    Snappy. Hold status bar to open camera app. Super fast.

    QuickSnap. Take pictures with the volume button instead of the ghey on screen button.

    iFile. View all core files on the device.

    SSH. Remotely view all core files on your pc.

    Winterboard. Custom themes and visual tweaks.

    MyWi. Turn my iphone into a wifi hotspot, plus tethering.

    YourTube 2. I guess you know what it does....

    And that's just what I run. There are a few other minor things. Lots if reason to jailbreak.
    iPhone 4 to Android directly back to iPhone 4. I learned my lesson and will never leave iOS again.
    2010-09-13 12:23 PM
  4. ShredNasty's Avatar
    I forgot iBlacklist. I block any number I want. Texts and calls. They can text me, it won't show up in my history at all. I can reply if I want or not. No chime or symbol will be on my screen unless i want it to. I can also choose what they hear when they call. Voicemail? Busy? Hang up? Complete lockdown mode!
    iPhone 4 to Android directly back to iPhone 4. I learned my lesson and will never leave iOS again.
    2010-09-13 12:27 PM