1. creasy425's Avatar
    I can confirm that it's not 2.2, or even 2.0. My geuss is that its 1.6
    I can confirm it is in fact 2.2....
    Neo Style by k.nitsua....early front runner for THEME OF THE YEAR

    Now in a dead heat with liveOS c/o bluemetal....

    Let us all welcome the newest fighter to the TOTY ring...iNavHD c/o reeco
    2010-09-17 08:19 PM
  2. watsony250's Avatar
    I can confirm it is in fact 2.2....
    Is audio and wifi working?
    2010-09-17 09:48 PM
  3. LordGeek's Avatar
    I can confirm thats its Froyo 2.2 also. I have this installed on a iPhone 3G 8GB (my play around idevice) .. I have the latest release installed "iPhoDroid_1SHOT_R13k_3G_PC" .. so far I see no problems with this, WiFi and Audio does work.

    About the only issue with this .. overall function/screens are laggy on my iPhone 3G .. would be nice to have this ported over for an iPhone 4.
    2010-09-18 04:43 AM
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