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    If any of you are unfamiliar with the name KYLE MATHEWS, he is one of the owners and founders of this wonderful site we visit and take part of every day. For those of you that don't know the incredible hardship that has faced his family in the very recent past, I'll leave that up to you to research for yourself. Because Kyle is such a humble, honest and good man he would never do something like this himself, BUT I WILL.

    What I am here to do is ask EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU to visit this site:


    ...And PLEASE consider supporting Kyle's charity to fight cancer. This is a horrible disease and if enough people would continue to join together in causes like this we CAN make a difference. I PERSONALLY CHALLENGE EVERY PERSON READING THIS TO THINK ABOUT THE MANY DOLLARS YOU HAVE "DONATED" TO PUT A SILLY THEME OR APP ON YOUR IPHONE OR IPOD, AND CONSIDER DONATING AS MUCH IF NOT MORE TO THIS AMAZING CAUSE. In my opinion it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to support Kyle in this endeavor. I know he has helped me COUNTLESS times on trivial issues involving my stupid phone, and I'm sure he has done the same for a lot of you reading this. If not, TRUST ME -- he has indirectly helped you without you even realizing it.

    Thank you so much - and Kyle, if you're reading this I know I just made you very uncomfortable but I'm sorry my friend, i had no other choice.

    Tim Collins
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    Very well said Tim.
    Cancer is a terrible for sure to have to deal with, but this my friends is a little boy. Please do what you can to help fight this battle. I know, I am battling it myself. Our heart and prayers go out to you and your family Kyle.
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    2010-09-16 06:26 AM
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    Posted in ohter threads but here it is for here too...
    Didnt even know there were other threads besides news and theme stuffs
    I would like to give something that I would feel might help alot.. If any as many people can wear something like my signature Im sure that more and more people would be able to see the situation and help....
    Here is the code you would put into your signature to place this in your signature!
    "["IMG]http://i1039.photobucket.com/albums/a475/ViiOLENTHD/EisforEzra-1.jpg?t=1284597417[/IMG]Please Support Ezra and His Family ["URL="http://www.gifttool.com/athon/MyFundraisingPage?ID=1390&AID=1232&PID=166135"]HERE["/URL]"

    Simply remove the quotations marks at "["IMG ["URL and ["/URL
    and paste it straight into your signature...
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    Wanted to remind everyone to consider supporting this great cause. To make sure you completely understand why this is so important, here is a great description of where your donations go:

    Cure on Wheels raises money for Tampa Bay families coping with a diagnosis of cancer through an annual Cure on Wheels Bike Challenge. This year our event takes place at the beautiful Flatwoods Park located in Tampa Florida. As Floridaís only ride to benefit cancer research, Cure on Wheelís intention is to successfully meld support from committed cyclists, volunteers, corporate sponsors and individual contributors. All are essential to Cure on Wheel's goal and model: to attain maximum fundraising efficiency while increasing its annual gift. Our hope and aspiration is to provide Tampa Bay families the necessary resources to help them cope with the potentially debilitating diagnosis of cancer.
    ... These are families that have recently discovered their beautiful babies are sick and on top of quite possibly the most horrible news they will ever face, are now faced with a financial crisis due to the expenses associated with fighting this horrible disease, people that our friend Kyle and his family have grown very close to.

    I can't think of a better cause - to help those who are going through possibly the toughest time of their lives with a child in the hospital in very dire condition. Can you imagine adding the additional stress of money issues and worrying about whether you can support your family? Now imagine how woderful it might feel to one of those families to know that complete strangers have made such a selfless gesture to assist them in their time of need.

    Kyle has vowed to put himself out there and ride an awful long way on a bicycle to "earn" the money we donate to support him in this cause, and I don't have to explain again how important the money they can raise will be to families that need it so badly.

    So PLEASE - open your hearts and consider supporting this great cause. Thanks again everyone and God Bless.
    2010-09-17 11:01 PM