1. i.Annie's Avatar
    I can't JB my iP4 right now cuz I got one on 4.0.2 and can't downgrade so I was wondering if anybody could give me the specifics on something. I will get iBlacklist when I get jailbroken but I need to block texts now since I don't have texting nor do I want it. I know I can call AT&T to block but I already told them and they didn't do it. Ill try again but need a quick fix now.

    I'm getting texts from Tanzania (area code 255)? Some nasty pic of a girl going down on another girl who had her period?? Ew. ANYWAY, I don't wanna be charged for getting that junk. I read I could use mymessages.wireless.Att.com to block spam texts from emails but this is an actual phone number. Would setting an account on this site block even pic/text messages from an actual phone number or just from email spammers? I read it blocks [email protected] but would it block things from coming to my actual phone number?

    2010-09-17 06:26 AM
  2. Madman604x's Avatar
    call your provider again. request txt block again. take names and a interaction # if the call is recorded.
    60% of the time, it works every time.
    2010-09-17 08:06 AM
  3. MikeThomson's Avatar
    incoming text messages are free on all carriers as far as i know... your carrier probably blocked your outgoing texts.. what carrier are you threw?
    2010-09-17 10:34 AM
  4. i.Annie's Avatar
    I have AT&T. I called again, hopefully they did it right this time. Thx for the responses.
    2010-09-17 07:09 PM
  5. Waleed786's Avatar
    Incoming texts are free in Canada, in USA It's different. If they don't block it then tell them u won't pay for those msgs received since it's not ur fault. They should give u credit for it.
    2010-09-17 07:16 PM
  6. MikeThomson's Avatar
    Thats BS that they can charge you for incoming texts when you have no control over it... i remember like 10 years ago when i got my first cell i always got in **** from my parents for text messages i had recieved... pretty sure something happened that made all carriers here in canada have to make them free
    2010-09-18 04:55 AM
  7. i.Annie's Avatar
    Yeah well that's how it's always been here

    I always get my texting blocked cuz I know they charge for receiving texts. Did this on Verizon, T-Mobile, and now AT&T. Too bad the one I got is international and the stupid auto view when sliding to unlock automatically opens the text; that's $.50 or $.30 or something to receive for international! Luckily I have a couple of quarters to spare :P
    2010-09-18 05:52 AM
  8. Waleed786's Avatar
    If u didn't open it, would AT&T know? I don't think they can tell if u read a text or not...anyways tell them u got an unknown text and u had already requested a text block, so you won't pay for it. Be aggressive and you're pretty much garunteed to get credit.

    @mike, i moved from Canada a few years back and I was just as surprised that they charge for incoming texts here. It makes no sense to me. Canada is one step ahead =p
    2010-09-18 06:37 AM
  9. i.Annie's Avatar
    It doesn't get charged unless you open it. When you slide to unlock with a text pop up it will automatically open the text so they probably won't take it off my bill. I don't mind it's just a few cents. I would mind if it was $1 tho lol. I got it blocked today tho. But yes Canada is ahead in that aspect and Japan is far ahead with technology so as long as we live in the US, that's what it is lol.
    2010-09-18 07:00 AM
  10. Waleed786's Avatar
    It doesn't get charged unless you open it. When you slide to unlock with a text pop up it will automatically open the text so they probably won't take it off my bill.
    But that would mean that they need delivery reports for SMS to check if it's been read which I've heard it's not possible. With MMS they can check if the message has been read because it will download something when opened, but the SMS file is fully received before it's been open so I don't see how they can tell, the delivery repot will only show if it's been received, not if it's been opened. What if u get a message, then change sims, and then open the message? U could also put the phone in airplane mode before opening it. It's an easy workaround..or maybe I'm missing something?
    2010-09-18 07:08 AM
  11. i.Annie's Avatar
    Well I've received more than 1 unwanted text but I was doing something so I could cancel them instead of auto viewing. There were about 2 I didn't open and I did not get charged. I have 1 charge for a text received and that must be the one I was forced to open. Also when I was on Verizon, any texts I didn't open I wasn't charged. So technically I believe opening them will get you a charge on it but not opening it will not.
    2010-09-18 07:23 AM
  12. Waleed786's Avatar
    Well I guess ur right then but it's still a dumb system, someone can just invent an app like quickreply that previews the whole msg instead of the first 2 lines. You still wouldn't be opening the msg, then u can get free incoming texting. That system can easily be bypassed. Another reason why Canada is a step ahead..but in this case it's a good thing america is behind =p
    Last edited by Waleed786; 2010-09-18 at 07:34 AM.
    2010-09-18 07:31 AM
  13. i.Annie's Avatar
    I don't disagree
    2010-09-18 07:34 AM
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