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    I just got an iPhone 4 on v4.0 and while I was restoring contacts from a previous backup and such from my 3g using iTunes, my iPhone 4 is stuck on the apple screen for about about 1 whole hour now. How do i go about his with out updating my FW?? please help
    2010-09-23 11:51 PM
  2. Barquey's Avatar
    Well, did you buy it used? If so, there might be shsh on cydia, but it is unlikely, so you will have to update if you restore. You could try hard resetting it by holding both the home and power button for ten seconds then powering it back on, also plug if that does not work and let it sit on the apple logo for even longer. If still no success then you will have to restore.
    2010-09-24 01:39 AM
  3. go20214's Avatar
    it was basically brand new but i've tried the hard reset and have been patiently waiting for a really long time now, it's still on the screen with the apple logo. The screen actually blinks every now and then and goes right back to the Apple logo but i guess you are right, i may have to restore. Looks like i am going to have to no chance to jailbreak this phone.
    2010-09-24 01:49 AM
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    That stinks man... but im in the same boat... replacement iphone 4 came with 4.0.2, so I am waiting as well. But idk, try doing everything you can think of bfore restoring like putting it into recovery, then kick it out with tiny unmbrella, just anything possible. But if you have to restore, hopefully a jailbreak will be released soon.

    PS: If you have to restore... 4.1 is not THAT bad. HDR is pretty cool along with proximity fix. But it is not the same without jailbreak. lol.
    2010-09-24 02:11 AM
  5. go20214's Avatar
    I tried kicking it out of recovery mode, it just goes straight back to the screen with the apple logo. You know, i was actually thinking of leaving it alone for awhile until a jailbreak like an update version of redsn0w or some sort to be release. this way i can keep my baseband low and restore it back to 4.0 or to 4.0.1, if that is even possible. i'm real noob at this but, i've been doing some research. I guess its back to old 3g... sigh
    2010-09-24 02:18 AM
  6. Barquey's Avatar
    Are you on AT&T?

    And you can preserve your baseband when updating if I remember correctly. Chech out The Firmware Umbrella: TinyUmbrella with 4.1 Support for more info on preserving baseband while updating.
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    2010-09-24 02:25 AM
  7. go20214's Avatar
    I'm on T-mobile, unfortunately i have 7 months left on the contract. And i actually did not know you're able to preserve your baseband, that pretty neat. I just might have to try it out to see what 4.1 is all about without the network feature. Thanks for the link. lol
    2010-09-24 02:39 AM