1. Kalaharijack's Avatar
    Hi All,
    I have wi-fi at home and moreorless wherever I go, So do I really need to tether my phone, I looked at '3proxy' via 'Youtube' but it is NOT available via Cydia or Rock here in the UK.

    I have searched this site (and others) for info on tethering but I am really none wiser, I notice that I can buy 'MyWi4.0' for $9.99 via cydia, BUT what are the benefits in tethering.

    Your assistance in this matter would be appreciated.
    2010-09-27 08:49 PM
  2. Miz.Michele's Avatar
    No you don't need to tether. I have MyWi because sometimes I have things to do that I need to use a laptop for and there's no wifi connection so I use MyWi or tether via USB to my laptop or netbook Depends on your needs
    2010-09-27 08:54 PM