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    Hi there,

    I've searched repeatedly but can't find any information on this problem. Maybe I'm not describing it correctly. Maybe someone here can help?

    Before jailbreaking my iphone 4, apps like AppAdvice and my rss app were able to play Youtube videos embedded in their posts. Now I just get a white square with a crossed out symbol.

    Youtube in-app video problem after jailbreak-photo.png

    Prior to jailbreaking my iphone 4 everything worked fine. My GF's iphone 3g works fine, as seen below.

    Youtube in-app video problem after jailbreak-photo-2-.png

    Has anyone seen this before or have any advice?
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    This might not be much help..
    But when I had the phillyd app on my 3G, the first time I opened it, it said that it detected my device was jbed and that a jb can break the YouTube framework/keys or something, maybe jailbreakme (I guess that's what u use) still has this "bug"

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I used but would have to think that if that was the problem there would be a lot of noise about it. As it is, I can't find one other reference to this problem.
    2010-09-29 11:03 PM
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    After much searching and hair pulling, I found the problem, placing the iphone's native YouTube app in folder in the Categories app.

    Doing so broke the capability of any other app to play YouTube vids. Fixing it is as simple as removing the native YouTube app from the Categories folder system.

    Doesn't really jive with the theme I have going so I dropped it into a normal iphone folder and threw it onto the the end of my Inifinidock.

    It appears that a real fix is on the way...

    (huh...url acting weird...) search for "BigBoss Releases Beta Update of Libhide for Hiding iPhone Icons"

    ...although that post dates back to April 14th, 2010.
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