1. jc87's Avatar
    I really like the bumper cases look for the iphone 4's, and was wondering if there were any for the 3GS's??

    Here's what I found so far...

    There is the iBand by tech21, except it only comes in black/white, and is pretty expensive.

    Then there's the basic silicone cases on ebay for just a few dollars, except they cover up the whole back, as well. I was thinking maybe it would be possible to cut out the back part, so I am just left with the frame to go around the sides....but is silicone that easy to cut evenly, and will the cuts be unnoticeable?

    Or has anyone found bumper style cases for the 3GS's elsewhere?

    (I really like how the green color looks with a white iphone)
    2010-10-04 06:08 AM
  2. nycfin3st90's Avatar
    Nopeee.... Only for iPhone 4
    2010-10-05 03:24 AM