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    OK, here's a weird one, and Google is not helping. I hope this is the right place to post. iPhone 4, 4.0, jailbroken for a few weeks. I ran some updates in Cydia yesterday.

    Last night, my phone was not responding to some taps, so I restarted, and when it came back up, I had this. Restarting again does not help.

    Basically, apps are running at half resolution in the top left quarter of the screen, and taps only work in that area, although their position registers based on the normal display (that means that I can only press buttons in the top left quarter of the mini interface).

    Some things display correctly. The lock and home screens are normal. Pop ups and the black overlay keyboard are normal, but the regular in-app keyboard is small. Also, some parts of the UI (sliders, the 3G logo, and signal bars) are scaled normal. That leads me to believe it has something to do with the retina display scaling acting up.

    Any ideas?

    2010-10-04 07:49 AM
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    Possibly one of the cydia apps that updated is doing this? Never seen this issue before.
    2010-10-04 09:15 AM
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    Did you reset your phone during one of the updates? And yes maybe one of the upgrades screwed something up. Check the change log of which apps updated; maybe you can spot a potential culprit and remove it.

    Or else (I know you don't want to hear this) a restore will bring everything for sure back to normal.
    2010-10-04 10:20 AM
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    I realize it may have been something updates by Cydia, but I have no easy way to do anything about that. The only one I remember listed was Activator, and I don't see why that would do this (also, its changelog is not up to the current version). The update process itself went fine, and the problem only showed up later in the day.

    The problem is that I do not have any easy way to do anything about it. At least not through the phone itself, since I can't tap anything on the right or bottom of the screen. I can't get to the manage tab in Cydia.

    Also, a restore will of course be my last resort, but at the moment, I am avoiding it since I will be stuck without a Jailbreak (I asked Cydia to make my life easier, but that was the day before 4.0.2 came out, and by the time it got to me in the queue, it was too late).

    So, I'm mainy posting in the hopes that someone might have seen this and found a solution that I can manage over SSH (assuming it's turned on) or with some file system browser.



    OK, so moving things out of /Library/MobileSubstrate, I managed to narrow it down to SimpleBackground, which is odd since I had that working for a few days, although I guess I may not have resprung or restarted during that time.

    I do seem to recall turning off the SimpleBackground wallpaper while leaving it installed the day that this happened. Anyway, all fixed now. Yay!
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    2010-10-05 03:54 AM
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    I now officially love you ^

    saved me from having to restore my phone.

    It was indeed SimpleBackground, iv had it on there for weeks no problems. All of a sudden today mine went EXACTLY the same as yours.

    Thanks again
    2010-10-29 05:03 PM
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    what exactly did you guys do to fix this? I have simplebackground installed as well.

    **Never mind, I went into safemode and uninstalled it. Thanks.
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    2010-10-30 04:41 AM
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    They uninstalled it...
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    2010-10-30 04:45 AM
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    Well no I couldn't uninstall it, if u look at his 2nd picture, touching anywhere on the keypad area of the screen doesn't do anything. And to tap the buttons at the top you have to touch about 3cm below where it needs to be... I deleted it using a SSH client and deleted anything simplebackground.
    2010-10-30 10:44 AM