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    i updated to 4.1 using sn0wbreeze and itunes wont really read it. it says session could not be started with iphone. another thing is getting my push to work, im on tmobile i got it to work for a sec with push doctor but then youtube didnt work, so then i tried push fix but that didnt work either and neither did push, then i switched back to push doctor but its not working now.....im lost
    2010-10-06 07:29 PM
  2. marc1994's Avatar
    I had a sort of problem too, on my iPod. Try restarting your iPhone. That was the solution for me...
    2010-10-06 08:21 PM
  3. jpsxm's Avatar

    my first reply to a post, but thought after finding a solution for this problem it was time to back to all of you helping.

    I had the same problem and after serveral hours of research found this to get my old info back on my iphone 3G on WINDOWS.

    The trick is to convert the itunes backup to sqlitedb and replace them manually in the iphone root.

    I Downloaded "itwin", install and run (switch to english in EINSTELLUNGEN). Went to IMPORT and browse for the itunes backup file (Win7= CUsers\Jpsxm\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup) and find the backup I wanted to restore. No need to activate as we only use it to convert the backup files.(Itwin files are stored in (Win7= CProgramFiles(x86)\itwin\data)

    Now that I had the sqlite files, I downloaded "diskaid" and conected the iphone and to replace my contacts for example replaced the Addressbook.sqlitedb (ROOT\users\library\AddressBook) with the one created by itwin by dropping the file in the window and overwriting the one on the phone.

    After clicking COPY FILES TO DEVICE, iphone receives the file, reboot and thats it.

    Hope this helpes and not breaking any rules.

    2010-10-11 10:50 PM