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    Hi all, i'm wondering if somebody can please help with two different problems from two iphones that I have.

    Ok, first one:

    Iphone 3G on 4.0.1

    Friend gave me the phone today. I used jailbreakme.com to jailbreak and used ultrasnow to unlock. It appeared to work fine. Then, I went to settings and did the "erase all data and settings" so that I could wipe it clean. It did it's thing, then, when it went to reboot, it got frozen at the white apple logo (and it does have the little swiggly line in the top, which i understand is normal with the jailbreakme.com jailbreak)...

    So, how can i fix this? I tried rebooting several times but it always gets stuck. I assume that i have to put it in DFU mode and restore, but, then what do i do? I'm with tmobile and dont' have an ATT sim. Will I need one?

    Ok, my SECOND phone and issue is this:

    I was also just given a new, out of the box 3GS....it has the 4.0.2 software and the older 5.13.04 firmware. I understand from the guide that has been "stickied" in the forums that the 3GS with the old boot and 4.02 is not jailbreakable or unlockable....So, my question is, can I downgrade to 4.01 and jailbreak and unlock. And, if so, can someone please tell me how, step by step, or is there a guide that I can follow?

    Thank you all.
    2010-10-07 02:57 AM
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    On your first question: By clicking the erase all data and settings it bascially tells the phone to restore. It is never a good idea to hit that button because you will have to restore. So your best bet is to use a custom firmware to restore back to 4.0.1.
    2010-10-07 03:17 AM
  3. tarheelwes's Avatar
    Ok, thanks for the response.

    How do I do that? Can I just download the 4.0.1 firmware and simple do a shift/restore? Or do I need to do something totally different?
    2010-10-07 03:24 AM
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    How to Jailbreak 4.0 iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 2g on OS X/Windows
    2010-10-07 03:26 AM
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    Thanks CerO, but this guide says Before you continue update your iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2g (old bootrom) to 4.0 using iTunes.

    isn't that what I'm trying to do in the first place? in other words, if I get the 4.0 or 4.0.1 software on there, then i can just use jailbreakme.com can't I?

    Does anybody know if I can just do the "shift/restore" option, or does itunes have the "verify" my restore?
    2010-10-07 04:06 AM
  6. Cer0's Avatar
    With 4.0 it has a fake verify. So anything below 4.0 on a 3G it can just do that but with 4.0 Apple added it. So you can just use sn0wbreeze to to just build a custom firmware.
    2010-10-07 04:10 AM
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    I appreciate the replies, you are the only one so far. And I apologize i'm a bit of a noob when it comes to custom firmwares, etc....and I have not used snowbreeze. My experience started with the original iphone, and i used to do all of the old school jailbreaks and unlocks. Then, i kind of lost touch during the "SHSH blob" era, all of that. I basically went from an original iphone to a 3GS with the 4.0.1 and used jailbreakme. That's what I have now. This 3G i'm having a problem with is going to be for my girlfriend who's also with Tmobile. So, since I've kind of lost touch on all of the latest jb/unlocking/custom firmware stuff, i'm lost.

    So, here's where I'm at. The 3G is stuck in reboot...what's the first thing I need to do? Will I be able to get back to 4.0.1 on this 3G?

    Thanks again for your willingness to help.
    2010-10-07 04:18 AM
  8. i.Annie's Avatar
    With the 3G, put it into DFU. Create a custom fw with Sn0wbreeze 2.0.2 with a stock 4.1 ipsw. Shift+restore the the custom 4.1 ipsw. If you run into any errors, use iReb to bypass.

    You can also go down to 3.1.3 if you'd like. You'll need the stock 3.1.3 and 3.1.2 ipsw (3.1.2 for Redsn0w). Shift+restore to the 3.1.3 ipsw (after setting phone in DFU). If you run into any errors during the downgrade, use Recboot to bypass at the END of the restore. Then use Redsn0w 0.9.4 (pointing at the 3.1.2 ipsw) to jb.

    For your 3GS, if you don't have SHSHs, you can't downgrade.

    Oh I forgot, if you need an unlock, install Ultrasn0w from Cydia after you jb the 3G.
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    2010-10-07 04:23 AM
  9. tarheelwes's Avatar

    on the 3G, you are saying that I can go all the way up to 4.1 and it'll be jailbroken and i can still unlock with ultrasnow? Also, where do I get iReb and how is it used? Is there a guide for doing it this way, with Sn0wbreeze?

    On my 3GS issue....I have another 3GS (my actual iphone that I use) that is on the 4.0.1....can I get SHSH's from that phone?

    This 3gs that i'm trying to downgrade does have the old bootram, if that makes a difference.
    2010-10-07 04:29 AM
  10. i.Annie's Avatar
    Bootrom doesn't matter unless you're already jailbroken with a nonuserland jb (basically not Spirit or jailbreakme).

    Your 3G can go to 4.1 and jb and unlock but only if you shift+restore to a custom fw. The method I provided prior is the way to get to 4.1 jb. You can unlock with Ultrasn0w after jb.

    Your current 3GS that's yours, why do you need to restore?

    You cannot use other device's SHSHs for another device. It is unique to each device.

    Edit: scratch the question about your 3GS restore, I misread. But the answer is no you can't use that phone's SHSHs for another phone.
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    2010-10-07 04:55 AM
  11. tarheelwes's Avatar

    thanks again....so, I just shift restore to custom 4.1 fW...and, I build that FW with snowbreeze? I won't need an AT&T sim? And, what was the ireb thing?

    oh, edited to add:

    So, with this other 3GS that I have....there's nothing I can do until a jailbreak/unlock comes out for the 4.0.2/4.1?
    2010-10-07 04:59 AM
  12. i.Annie's Avatar
    Yes you build the custom fw with Sn0wbreeze then restore to it. You can choose to hactivate in Sn0wbreeze so that you don't need an AT&T SIM.

    iReb is just to bypass any errors you may get when restoring.

    The other 3GS, you can't do anything with it right now.
    2010-10-07 05:27 AM
  13. tarheelwes's Avatar
    ok, thanks.

    and, iReb....i run that from my computer?
    2010-10-07 05:30 AM
  14. i.Annie's Avatar
    Yes run it whenever you run into an error during the restore. You can get it at iH8sn0w.com
    2010-10-07 05:32 AM
  15. tarheelwes's Avatar

    Thanks. I have one more question for you. I was reading MAXX4US's post from the other day where he posted originally about this 4.1 jb/unlock. You posted then that this could be done with snowbreeze, etc...

    my question is this. Maxx posted the following:

    Just remember to uncheck baseband update in Expert settings and "Multitasking, homescreenwallpaper and percentage" aswell. (They will make the 3G sluggish as it was in 4.0). If you really want them at a later date you can always edit the N82AP.plist.

    Do you know if i'll have either one of these issues with snowbreeze? "Push" problems or "sluggish" problems? Should i choose the "expert" mode so that I xcan "uncheck" this stuff too?

    I do have an unactivated Att sim if that matters. Thanks again for your help and insight.
    2010-10-07 06:01 AM
  16. i.Annie's Avatar
    4.1 should be fine on a 3G in terms of sluggishness. The "push" problems can be fixed if you get any by installing fixes from Cydia. If you don't care about the iOS 4 features like wallpaper, folders, and multitask, you can feel free to disable them. They shouldn't be a huge problem on 4.1 but its up to you. If you need an unlock, which I see you do, you'd want to avoid a baseband upgrade. The thing is, I've never heard of an option to disable upgrading the baseband, a large point of a custom firmware is to preserve the baseband. If the option is indeed there (I don't know, I've never used Sn0wbreeze) then select it by all means. You'd want to be in expert mode and disable hactivation since you do have an AT&T SIM. I've heard problems happen when hactivation is selected and not selecting it prevents the issues. So use the AT&T SIM after restoring to your custom fw to activate the phone in iTunes.
    2010-10-07 06:07 AM
  17. tarheelwes's Avatar
    ok, thanks.

    But, are you saying that if there is NOT an option to disable a baseband upgrade, then after I build the custom FW and do the restore, then my unlock may not work?
    2010-10-07 06:16 AM
  18. i.Annie's Avatar
    Negative. I'm saying I've never heard of that option. Custom firmwares always preserve the baseband. I just never heard that there's an option to disable baseband upgrade since custom firmwares are supposed to preserve the baseband anyway. Make sense?

    You'll be fine as long as you created the custom fw and restore to it.

    I've never used Sn0wbreeze, so look for it if someone is saying it's there. If it isn't, I wouldnt fret. Custom fw are supposed to preserve basebands.
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    2010-10-07 06:22 AM
  19. tarheelwes's Avatar
    ok, thanks.

    just wondering if the "activate" option really matters or not. And if the "mustitasking" and "wallpaper" stuff really matters.
    2010-10-07 06:27 AM
  20. i.Annie's Avatar
    The "activate" option seems to have caused some problems with some users. Like I said, since you have an AT&T SIM, don't use the activate option to prevent possible setbacks. As for multitask and wallpaper, it's entirely up to you if you want them. Wallpaper will cause battery drain and slowdown (not too bad on 4.1 but more so on 4.0.x). It's really up to you if you want them.
    2010-10-07 06:32 AM
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