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    I was texting with my friend about an hour ago, and when I went to go read her text message, the iPhone crashed into safe mode!

    When I went to look at the text message, they were completely gone. I tried looking for them in iFile. I went to the 'SMS' folder only to see a new 'sms.db' created only 40kb. My old 'sms.db' should have been around 10-12MB.

    Of course, I did backup around three days ago, but I had some real important texts in the past three days.

    Anyway I can recover or maybe they're stored somewhere in the phone under a different file name?

    What could have caused this to crash? I did have a LOT of text messages; around 30,000 or more.

    I'm going to go ahead and recover the text messages in the iTunes backup otherwise, when I sync, I'll lose my text messages PERIOD.

    What's weird is that I still have the picture messages sent to me in the 'SMS/Parts' folder...

    Anyone help me out?

    EDIT: I have more than 30,000 texts - I have around 70,000 texts.

    Sorry to double post, but does anyone know anything?
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