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    So, I have my iphone 4 with 4.1 sitting on my desk. Randomly when a new song comes on the screen lights up. No notification or email or sms or anything. I have no idea why but it did this with 4.0 as well.
    Of course it is jailbroken and I have a number of things installed but was hoping anyone else with this issue could help me narrow it down.

    The only possible thought is if maybe it lights up when it switches to a song that has or doesn't have an album cover.
    Like if a song is playing with an album cover goes to one without it'll light up, then vice versa. That's a thought but I haven't been looking for that trend. I'll pay more attention I suppose.

    nope, I just went from cover to no cover to cover and didn't turn on. weird.
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    2010-10-12 08:57 PM
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    no one has this happen too?
    2010-10-19 06:56 PM
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    This has happened to me a few times too actually...I just never thought anything of it.
    2010-10-20 04:59 AM