1. davidjames's Avatar
    Had no probs with wi-fi on my phone since i had it,
    connects to my Netgear router auto every time,

    Decided to extend the range of my wi-fi with a Edimax EW-7416APn wireless range extender, set up in universal repeater mode,
    When i power the Edimax up, phone connects OK,
    but after a few minutes, i loose wi-fi reception from both the router and repeater,
    Will not give me wi-fi reception back till i power off the Edimax repeater,
    Seem to think, looking it up on the net, may be a prob with iOS 4.1?
    anyone have anything similar, or any ideas?
    2010-10-21 01:18 AM
  2. cypherpunk's Avatar
    Why would it be a problem with 4.1? You changed your router configuration and now you're having problems, so isn't it far more likely that the problem is with your router?

    For the record, I've had no problems on my iPhone 4.
    2010-10-21 02:10 AM