1. q2subzero's Avatar
    Just broke down and bought the iphone4 and have some q's. I have a j/b 3GS i want to move all apps/songs to the i4.
    -3gs is on 4.0.1 and j/b via jbme.com
    -i4 is on 4.0.1 as well and j/b via jbme.com

    1. should i just use itunes and do a backup of the 3gs and try a restore on the 4? is this even possible?

    2. any advice on how to move/keep the cydia apps from the 3gs to the i4? will game saves move as well?

    3. should i not even use itunes? just use pwntunes and copy/paste?

    4. should i upgrade the i4 from 4.0.1 to 4.1 before or after the moving of files? is it worth the upgrade/hassle of re-j/b'ing if i upgrade to 4.1?

    thanks in advance!
    2010-10-23 10:07 PM
  2. iYeow's Avatar
    Itunes will not save your Cydia apps, so you will have to reinstall Cydia stuffs again after jailbreaking it.
    Yes , you can sync back the songs, contacts , pictures and those from Itunes back to Iphone 4.
    Yes, you should use Itunes 10 for IOS 4.0 and above.
    IOS 4.1 fixes some bugs of IOS 4.0 and the added icon of GameCenter.
    If you want to wait for 4.2 release and then do the jailbreak would be a good idea. Because of all the hassle of redoing the installing of Cydia and stuffs, you are better off wait for the final release of 4.2.
    2010-10-24 12:01 AM
  3. q2subzero's Avatar
    What about contacts and saved messages? can that be transferred over?

    If i do a itunes upgrade to 4.1 on the i4, can i still j/b? should i use greenpoison or pwnagetool?

    um, what does 4.2 offer?
    2010-10-24 12:33 AM
  4. iYeow's Avatar
    Contacts is always stored in your computer, if you had setup to sync your contacts with Microsoft outlooks, it will sync it back from Itunes. You will lose your sms messages, your notes can be synced back.
    If you do not need an unlock, then you can just hit restore in Itunes, this will restore a fresh copy.
    Put your official sim to activate before proceeding to jailbreak.
    2010-10-24 12:42 AM
  5. q2subzero's Avatar
    unlock? as long as i can install cydia, and other apps, i'll be fine.

    what's the difference between unlocked an locked j/b iphone? I dont need to switch services or anything.
    2010-10-24 12:46 AM
  6. L00i3's Avatar
    Unlocked just means you can use any carriers SIM in the phone.

    If you restore your i4 from a backup of your 3G[S], it will copy over your camera roll, sms, notes, preferences, email settings, etc from whatever point in time your 3G[S] was at at the last backup. Word of advice if you do this, delete all the previous backups of your phone (or change it's name) prior to backing it up for purposes of restoring to the new phone. I found this out the hard way today. Last night I synced my phone, then ran a manual backup, then restored to a custom 4.1, then restored from backup only to find out that the newest backup iTunes had was from September. Talk about frustrating. I have no clue why BOTH the backups from last night failed to exist on my computer, but they did.
    2010-10-24 01:35 AM
  7. q2subzero's Avatar
    where can i find the directory where itunes stores the backups?
    2010-10-24 02:46 AM
  8. L00i3's Avatar
    where can i find the directory where itunes stores the backups?
    That, unfortunately, I don't remember. I used to know on Windows, and I still haven't found it on OSX. But if you are wanting to know where they are in order to delete, all you have to do is go to the Devices tab of iTunes preferences and delete them from there.
    2010-10-24 03:28 AM