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    hi everyone. first post and already having problems. story goes like this: wife had an iphone 3g that had problems months ago and was sent in for replacement. got new iphone 3g. it was used for months and NEVER synched to itunes until today when i updated it to ios 4.1. when i synched it, it asked if i wanted to restore from a backup or set up as new. i chose restore from her old backup. the phone then updated to 4.1 but reverted to her old settings, mail, pictures and calendar. she lost all the new pics, etc. is there a way to get all that stuff back? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
    2010-10-25 05:44 AM
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    Unfortunately because you didn't sync a final time before restoring from an older back up, I think your new items are gone for good.

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    2010-10-25 06:13 AM
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    i thought when i plugged it in to update it automatically backed itself up (as i have "sync when iphone is plugged in" option checked)? this process took about 15 minutes until the actual update started. it wasnt until after it updated to 4.1 that itunes asked if i wanted to restore from an older backup... im wondering if i can find that data from the first sync, does that make sense? or am i crazy? sorry for the nooby q's...
    2010-10-25 06:20 AM
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    Hmm. Yes, usually iTunes does do a sync automatically when you plug in an iPhone. Perhaps you chose an older backup by accident, instead of choosing the latest? Try restoring again and seeing what your options are when you are given the option to restore from a backup. See if you can find the time right before you restored.

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    2010-10-25 06:24 AM
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    excellent answer. gonna try that now. thank you...

    last backup for this phone shows 6/19/10. guess that means i'm s.o.l???

    last backup for this phone shows 6/19/10. guess that means i'm s.o.l???
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    2010-10-25 06:55 AM
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    Darn. Yeah, I think that's going to be the closest you're going to get, unfortunately. Maybe iTunes can be picky at times and pressing the sync button is needed. Sorry man!

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    2010-10-25 07:00 AM
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    In case anyone else has the same issue here's an update. Called apple support today and turns out the new phone was never synced correctly. When I saw the old phone name under the drop down menu under "restore from backup" it never clicked in my head that it was her OLD phone and I restored from this older backup subsequently losing ALL NEW DATA. according to apple support there is no way to go back either So for future reference, sync often to back ur files up and make sure u choose the CORRECT backup when u do. I learned my lesson and hope no one else is as dumb as I am...
    2010-10-25 06:41 PM
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    Thanx to everyone who tried to help. We appreciate it...
    2010-10-25 06:42 PM